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This Wikia Page is for all those David Walliams fans. Info on all books that David Walliams has wrote: Gangsta Granny, Billionare Boy, The Boy in The Dress, Ratburger, Demon Dentist, Awful Auntie, Mr Stink, The Slightly Annoying Elephant, The First Elephant On The Moon and The Queens Orang-Utan

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David Edward Walliams (David Walliams) was born in London, 1971. He is a comedian, actor, TV presenter and author. He is recently known for the successfull publishing of his books for readers aged 7-12. He has even wrote 3 picture books for ages 0+. He is often compared to Roald Dahl as David's books have sold almost instantly and millions of copies are being sold! His amazing 11 books have been very humorous and have attracted children by the jokes. He has had many nicknames like 'Worlds Greatest Author' and 'The Next Roald Dahl'.

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